Saturday, September 15, 2018


Today’s participants included Abbie, Lauren, Cole, and Maxwell just to name a few. Fortunately, FLORENCE was a NO show!  Cool temps and overcast skies allowed for the excitement and enthusiasm to build all morning. Special thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make this event possible.

This year’s proceeds of over $1,000 will go towards funding swim lessons for children with special needs in Anne Arundel County.  With these funds the Karen Stevens Memorial Lesson program will be able to provide over 250 individual swim lessons over the next year. Thank you so much for helping us continue the legacy of Karen Stevens; teaching water safety to children.

The results from today’s triathlon are available on our website here.

A few pictures from today’s event, as well as information about other events on the trail, will be posted on the Friends of the Anne Arundel County Trails website here and on their Facebook page.

Please note, the time for the bike leg was NOT included in anyone’s final time. The bike leg is a bike “ride” and no participant is advantaged or disadvantaged on the ride. The final time does include the swim time, run time, and the transition times for the swim to the bike and from the bike to the run.

We look forward to seeing everyone again next fall or check out the Emily Schindler Memorial Triathlon, open to all ages, and held in the spring.

David Ensor and Colby Ziegler

Race Coordinators

Friends of Anne Arundel County Trial

2018 Winners

 8&U Female (Revised)

  1. Waverly Alexander – 0:13:17
  2. Carolyn Newman – 0:15:17
  3. Camille Schwarb – 0:16:59

9-10 Female

  1. Rowan Palmer – 0:12:51
  2. Emmy Wright – 0:17:47
  3. Abbie Mahoney – 0:18:39

11-12 Female

  1. Ava Gates – 0:21:57
  2. Brooke Heine – 0:25:02
  3. Elizabeth Forman – 0:25:03

13-14 Female

  1. Ella Heine -0:24:09
  2. Maggie Tanner – 0:25:08
  3. Cami Glebocki – 0:26:49

8&U Male

  1. Grant Accinelli -0:14:17
  2. Samuel Faucette – 0:16:29
  3. Van Lighthizer – 0:16:56

9-10 Male (Revised)

  1. Court Barrett -0:10:45
  2. Kohl Hanes – 0:13:05
  3. Cole Cosgrove – 0:13:48

11-12 Male

  1. Wilson Faucette -0:22:20
  2. Nicholas Klee – 0:24:09

13-14 Male

  1. Henry Wright – 0:20:48
  2. Preston Marburger – 0:23:41

13 – 14 Team

  1. Team Christian Leusch, Toby Barnett, Will Holland – 0:16:59